LIFT AIDS, INC. Offers AutoAbility Wheelchair Accessible Vans in Dallas/Fort Worth 10/23/2012 Lift Aids, Inc. is the Exclusive DFW Dealer of AutoAbility Rear Entry Wheelchair Accessible Vans

Euless, Texas, October 16, 2012 - LIFT AIDS, INC., one of the oldest automotive adaptive equipment dealers and accessibility lift providers in the United States, is proud to be the exclusive AutoAbility dealer in the Dallas/Fort Worth territory. AutoAbility is a premier manufacturer of the widest rear entry wheelchair accessible van on the market today.

AutoAbility Wheelchair Lifts for Vans“More than 25 years of automotive industry experience and having the widest entry ramp and rear entry conversion in the industry allows for transportation of most manual or power wheelchairs,” says Randy Smith, Sales Manager at Lift Aids, “This is especially true when dealing with bariatric chairs.”

AutoAbility Rear Entry Conversion options include a 60” short conversion for a single wheelchair or 100” long conversion to accommodate two (2) wheelchairs. Both conversions come with manual wheelchair tie downs and lap/shoulder belt(s). Recessed sidewall pockets move the tie downs out of the way of the chair wheels. Conversions can have 16” wide mid-row seating, factory flip-up mid-row seating, or a fold-up rear two seat bench.

AutoAbility offers several advantages over other accessible vehicle conversions. AutoAbility rear entry conversions are less expensive to build because they affect a smaller area of the vehicle. AutoAbility’s rear entry conversion was crash tested and meets or exceeds all FMVSS and CMVSS requirements as well as ADA and DOT specifications. Their 35” Wide Useable Ramp and 35” Wide Lowered Floor Opening are the first of their kind in the industry. The Less Entry Ramp Angle allows for ease of entry. AutoAbility boasts the tallest ramp entry edges in the industry with over 4” for added safety. The 56” Rear Entry Height meets ADA specifications.

AutoAbility vehicles can be parked in a non-accessible space if needed as no side space is necessary. They fit 90% of all wheelchairs and scooters and are bariatric wheelchair friendly. AutoAbility conversions are available for commercial use. The vehicles can seat up to 7 ambulatory passengers. AutoAbility vehicles also passed over 100,000 mile endurance testing in New York City taxi service.

Lift Aids offers AutoAbility Rear Entry Conversions on Dodge, Chrysler, and Toyota minivans. For more information or to schedule a demonstration visit or call (817) 835-0035.


Founded in 1968, LIFT AIDS, INC., one of the oldest automotive adaptive equipment dealers and accessibility lift providers in the United States, is proud to be one of less than 15 vehicle modifiers in the country that is certified to make structural and gas tank modifications allowing us to provide custom one of a kind vehicle modifications to satisfy most consumer’s unique requirements. With their own line of custom designed lifts and R(rear)E(entry)V(vehicle), LIFT AIDS, INC. has established themselves as the industry leader in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Learn more about LIFT AIDS, INC. at