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    Rear Entry Wheelchair Accessible Van

    Lift Aids, Inc. is proud to be the Exclusive AutoAbility dealer in the DFW territory. AutoAbility is a premier manufacturer of the widest rear entry wheelchair accessible van on the market today. With more than 25 years of automotive industry experience and having the widest entry ramp and rear entry conversion in the industry allows for most manual or power wheelchairs to be transported. This is especially true when dealing with bariatric chairs.

    The Rear Entry Conversion Options Include:

    • 60″ Short conversion for a single wheelchair
    • 100″ Long conversion to accommodate two (2)wheelchairs
    • Both conversions come with manual wheelchair tie downs and lap/shoulder belt(s)
    • Recessed sidewall pockets move the tie downs out of the way of the chair wheels
    • 16″ wide mid-row seating
    • Factory flip-up mid-row seating
    • Fold-up rear two seat bench

    The AutoAbility Advantage

    • Less expensive conversion – The rear entry conversion affects a smaller area of the vehicle and is less expensive to build
    • Dynamic Vehicle Testing – AutoAbility’s rear entry conversion was crash tested and meets or exceeds all FMVSS and CMVSS requirements as well as ADA and DOT specifications
    • 35″ Wide Useable Ramp – First in the Industry
    • 35″ Wide Lowered Floor Opening – First in the industry
    • Less Entry Ramp Angle – Allows for ease of entry
    • Tallest ramp entry edges in the industry, over 4″ for added safety
    • 56″ Rear Entry Height – Meets ADA specifications (58 1/2″ Interior Head Room)
    • Parking Advantages – Can be parked in a non-accessible space if needed, no side space necessary
    • Fits 90% of all wheelchairs and scooters – Bariatric wheelchair friendly
    • Vehicle Seating – Vehicle can seat up to 7 ambulatory passengers
    • Over 100,000 mile endurance testing in New York City taxi service
    • Larger gauge, lighter but stronger steel alloy, helps keep structural integrity of the chassis

    Rear Entry Conversions Available on the Dodge – Chrysler – Toyota Minivans

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