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    Our Way of Saying Thank You

    We want to thank you for doing business with us and as a sign of our gratitude, we will make a donation to your favorite non-profit company or charity.

    Monday - Friday: 8 AM to 4:00 PM.
    After hours in-home evaluations available upon request.


    Leasing… Is It For You?

    When faced with a decision to either buy or lease, one must ask if the need for an adaptive van is for short term or long term. We, at Lift-Aids are able to accommodate both needs. Buying a vehicle has been the standard purchase practice for many. Leasing a vehicle and/or adaptive equipment is now available! Leasing allows you to pay for the portion of the vehicle you are using, not the entire vehicle.

    • Leases start at 2 years and will extend to 5 years for Pre-Owned vehicles (vehicle must fit pre-owned guidelines)
    • Leases will extend to 6 years on new vehicles
    • Leasing can be for both individuals & corporate businesses
    • Personal Leasing is available for medical and/or adaptive equipment for vehicle or home
    • Commercial Leasing is available for transit vehicles, wheelchair transport vehicles, transport vehicle conversions, mobile medical transport vehicles.
    • Each lease is custom tailored to meet our customer’s financial needs. You have the option to “Walk Away” from the vehicle at the end of the lease.
    • Easy-form applications eliminate long processing time.
    • Simple guidelines for leasing make the process easy. You can own the vehicle once the lease has been completed.

    Leasing is a program offered by Lift Aids, Inc. to defer the direct cost of purchasing a vehicle when the circumstances are not required. Leasing offers the individual or family the option to acquire an adaptive vehicle designed for their individual needs with a minimum down payment, two (2) year minimum lease with the option to extend up to six (6) years. Adaptive vehicles, medical equipment, commercial vehicles can all be leased through the Lift-Aids leasing program.

    Are you interested in leasing with us? Call (817) 835-0035 or Contact Us Online today!